Handy tools to help you Stay Connected with your Shed Mates

During physical isolation, staying socially connected is vitally important. But the Shed is closed! So now what?

Don’t let physical isolation lead to social isolation. We’re lucky to live in a world with the technology to help us maintain social connectedness.

Men’s Sheds have always had a justifiable reputation for providing a meeting place, companionship and engaging men, particularly those who are socially isolated. But, due to COVID 19, we are now being directed to socially isolate.

Men’s Sheds across Australia have closed and now is the time to be extremely diligent in ensuring that our shedders remain connected and that we look after each other.

Please remember that some shedders live alone and will need support. Others may not have transport and will rely on others to assist in maintaining household supplies or maybe vital appointments.

  • Keep communicating
  • Stay connected
  • Look out for each other

The AMSA Shed Online

Well, you’re here – so you know what it’s all about!


Some Shed Committees are emailing members on a regular basis- just touching base with a short note, maybe some contact details for local services, details on who to contact if they need anything.

Communication Tree

A communication or telephone tree can be a very useful communication tool to stay connected, disseminate information, messages or welfare checks to a large number of people in a very short period of time.

  • Compile a list – names, addresses and phone numbers- of people who are willing to participate in the “tree”
  • You can maintain contact with a large number of people within a short period of time.


The Buddy System

This strategy is being implemented by many Sheds. The Committee has put out a call for ‘volunteer’ members who are willing to contact other members of the Shed over the coming weeks to see make sure they are ok and/or wanting some assistance in some way.

Each ‘volunteer’ is provided with 6-7 names to contact. All members are informed that they will be contacted and it is a way of ensuring everyone is OK and coping well in the circumstances.


Encourage members to connect with Facebook:

Read the posts, contribute, stay in touch.

Don’t have a Facebook page? Visit the Facebook Help Centre to find out how to set up an account.

Shed Newsletter

Send out a regular newsletter to all members. Include things like:

  • Include a member profile
  • Interesting articles
  • Some light-hearted items
  • Important contact details for services

Remote Conferencing Services

For those who are IT savvy, remote conferencing services such as Zoom provide an opportunity to ‘meet’ in groups online, chat, meetings.

  • Allocated a virtual room
  • Have a virtual cuppa/chat/dinner

Shedders who live alone or are vulnerable

  • Check whether they require groceries, prescriptions filled
  • If they do not have transport, do they need to attend appointments? Go to the bank?
  • Do they want some reading material?
  • Call and have a chat

Download this resource from the AMSA website at mensshed.org/stay-connected-at-the-amsa-shed-online.

We’re still open. For assistance or support you can also contact AMSA on 1300 550 009 or at amsa@mensshed.net.


Colin McKay 8 April 2020 - 4:25 pm

As a member of the Highfields Mens Shed and now as a registered member of Mens Shed on Line, I would like to commend the Online principles for their excellent initiative in establishing the online version which has so much valuable information for us during this period of “The Virus”. My aim now is to encourage our members to join up and experience for themselves the benefit of belonging and opportunity to participate as an online member. Thankyou once again. Col McKay

markwinston 11 May 2020 - 1:30 am

As the fellow said earlier on Zoom is a good way to stay connected in groups. Several sheds in the US are having weekly Zoom meetings and are well attended. You should check it out!

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