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Stay connected at The AMSA Shed Online

Visiting the shed is an important part of the week for many men and women. Whilst COVID-19 has forced the closure of thousands of sheds across 12 countries, staying in touch and connected is more important than ever.

So, in partnership with the Irish Men’s Shed Association and International Mens Sheds Organisation, we invite the Men’s Shed community to join in conversation at The AMSA Shed Online:

The goal of The AMSA Shed Online is help people connect in the same way they do at the shed – over a cuppa and a laugh.

“The shed’s themselves may be temporarily closed as part of the response to COVID-19 but the mission of helping people stay connected does not change,” said AMSA Patron His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) in a recent message to Men’s Shed members.

The AMSA Shed Online is a simple online space for men to stay connected at a time when community connection is increasingly difficult, but still vitally important to our health and wellbeing.

We hope to create a global social community where men can talk and share their experiences – a global information exchange. And whilst the AMSA Shed Online has been built with the Men’s Shed community in mind, we’re inviting anyone with an interest to join the conversation.

We encourage all your members to register and join the conversation at The AMSA Shed Online:

Men’s Sheds across Australia (and beyond) have closed and now is the time to be extremely diligent in ensuring that our shedders remain connected and that we look after each other.

We have put together some information and posted the blog ‘Handy Tools to help you stay connected with your shed mates’. Click here to download a copy of this AMSA Resource.