The Men’s Sheds Movement started in Australia in the 1990’s and is gradually spreading around the world, enriching men’s lives as it grows.

It is estimated that the number of Men’s Sheds globally is approaching 3,000, operating in 12 counties.

The Men’s Shed concept was an Australian initiative from very humble beginnings; the idea has now spread internationally with Men’s Shed Associations operated by health authorities and other entities in Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Canada, US, Kenya, and South Africa.

At the 4th National AMSA Conference in Brisbane 2011, a meeting of representatives from New Zealand, Ireland, UK and Australian Men’s Shed Associations took place. This lead to the creation of an international affiliation of Men’s Shed Associations, with AMSA taking the lead role in developing this Federation. The International Mens Shed Organization is aimed at sharing knowledge, developing Men’s Sheds in other nations and making representations to the World Health Authority on the benefits of Social Inclusion in relation to health.

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