Shed Resource Library

The AMSA continually reviews the Shed Resource Library, which is accessible to all AMSA members in the Member Portal. The AMSA encourages Sheds to view and download the resources as they can serve as a valuable tool in Shed operations, good governance and developing Shed activities. If you are looking for something specific and it isn’t there, please contact AMSA and we will endeavour to source it.

On the ground

Regional coordinators provide support to men’s sheds in each state and territory in Australia to support men’s access to health information and resources to improve their wellbeing. Our Shed Support also includes:

  • Assisting Men’s Sheds organise Shed and health events and initiatives
  • Connecting Men’s Sheds with AMSA resources, events and initatives
  • Assisting Men’s Sheds with grants and funding enquiries and applications, including the Australian Government Department of Health National Shed Development Programme

Contact to get in touch with Shed Support for NSW/ACT or SA/NT. Contact your State Association for regional coordinators in other states.

About the Regional Coordinator initiative

Deductible Gift Recipient Status for Community Sheds

Community sheds (such as men’s sheds and women’s sheds) are not-for-profit organisations that provide a range of activities for their members with the purpose of advancing mental health and preventing or relieving social isolation.

From 1 October 2020, a new general category of deductible gift recipients (DGR) for community sheds is available. It is listed on the DGR table as Item number 1.1.9 A community shed.

Community Sheds that are DGR endorsed can mention their tax-deductible status on their website or material. Donors who donate $2 or more to a DGR endorsed community shed will generally be able to claim an income tax deduction.

Community sheds can apply for deductible gift recipient (DGR) endorsement. To do so, they need to meet a number of criteria to be eligible.

To apply for charity registration and DGR endorsement, you need to submit governing documents to demonstrate you meet charity registration and DGR endorsement requirements. Governing documents contain a number of clauses that set-out your charitable purpose, your not-for-profit character, the way you operate, how you make decisions and what you need to do upon wind-up.

Helpful Documents

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