The Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) and Where There’s a Will (Willo) have come together to increase awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities across the Men’s Shed community.

What’s involved?

There are a few ways you can be involved in the project, with the most simple being to transform a cricket bat into a piece of art to submit for the Men’s Sheds Bat for Will Exhibition (to be held in early 2023). You can read the Men’s Shed Bat for Will FAQs for more information.

Contact for information about the project and exhibition.

A growing number of Men’s Sheds around Australia have been involved with Willo. You can watch the AMSA Toolbox Talk Webinar Playback with Ange Clarke and John Kennis (Robertson Men’s Shed NSW) or visit the Willo website here:

Together with Ange Clarke from Willo, we officially launched the Men’s Sheds Bat for Will project at Willo’s Men’s Shed (SA) last week. Willo’s Men’s Shed has an existing program including neurologically diverse young men in shed activities.

“Including these young people into the Men’s Shed can be very rewarding. Not only for the lads but for the shed as well. Your members will grow along with the lads. To watch them gain confidence as they attend and learn from the shedders is fantastic to see,” said Willo’s Men’s Shed President Dave Clarke at the launch.

“Through this collaboration we hope to create significant change for people in communities throughout Australia and create more awareness and understanding about our neighbours who simply live and see life differently,” says Ange Clarke (Willo Founder and CEO).

Contact for information about the project and exhibition.

Below: Marty Leist (AMSA), Ange Clarke (Willo) and Dave Clarke (Willo’s Men’s Shed) at the Willaston launch of the Men’s Sheds Bat for Will project.

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