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Men’s Shed Week

Men’s Shed Week is our annual opportunity to collectively showcase Men’s Sheds to the world. It’s a great chance to focus government, corporate partners, media and the community on the benefits and positive contributions Men’s Sheds make to the Australian community.

We’re proud of the work undertaken throughout the Men’s Shed network – the achievements and benefits of Men’s Sheds for members and communities are immeasurable. So we’ve dedicated an entire week to celebrating all things Men’s Sheds.

We will celebrate connection, community and camaraderie during Men’s Shed Week 2021, from 30 August 2021 to 5 September 2021.

Men’s Shed Week Events & Celebrations

In previous years we’ve encouraged Sheds to host Open Days and invite guests in to showcase your Men’s Shed. If you’re in a location where it’s suitable, this is still a great way to promote your Shed, however we understand it’s a difficult time to plan and hold events.

So this year, we encourage you to take the opportunity to celebrate within the Shed. It might be simple with a morning tea or lunch with Shed members across the week, or it may be a larger gathering of members and members’ friends and family, shed supporters and local government representatives. The event can be small or large – but most importantly it should celebrate diversity of Shedders and activities at your shed and highlight the benefits of Men’s Sheds to your special guests.

Your Men’s Shed Week 2021 Toolkit

More resources for the Men’s Shed Week toolkit will be released soon.