by Colin Adams, Moulamein Men’s Shed Secretary and Public Officer

Efforts are underway to restock Murray Cod and Golden Perch after a ‘black water event’ thanks to a Men’s Shed grant from Uncle Toby’s

Moulamein (New South Wales) is a well known spot for freshwater anglers who regularly catch trophy size Murray Cod.

In 2016 we suffered a major ‘ black water event ‘ which sadly killed most of the fish in the Edward and Niemur rivers.

Since that event we have been actively raising funds to purchase Murray Cod and Golden Perch fingerlings.

A huge big thank you to Uncle Toby’s and the Australian Men’s Shed Association for the opportunity to apply for funding under the Great Grows Here grant program (editor’s note: these grants were for Sheds in the Indigo and Riverina shires).

We here at the Moulamein Men’s Shed were lucky enough to receive funds from the program. The funds we received were used to purchase fish fingerlings to help restock the local waterways.

A great success: fish stocks have improved

The restocking program has been hugely successful with many of these fingerlings now being caught around the 30 to 40 centimetre mark. And the word is out, the fish are once again on the bite in Moulamein.

All of the local business and the community that live here benefit from the fishing activities in the local rivers.




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