Medical research helps improve and save lives.

But the ability to conduct this research in Australia depends on being able to recruit enough people into studies which can take many months and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars to do. Many studies fall over at this hurdle because they just don’t get enough people to participate.

The Australian Men’s Shed Association has partnered with two organisations to help connect everyday Australians and researchers for life changing outcomes:

  • Step Up for Dementia Research
  • Join Us register

Step Up for Dementia Research is an organisation looking to build a network of volunteers to assist with dementia research.

Australia has world class health and medical researchers who have been responsible for many life changing breakthroughs that have benefitted the Australian and international community. That’s why The George Institute (an Australian medical research institute) in partnership with the University of New South Wales has launched a register called Join Us.

The Join Us register aims to recruit a million Australians who agree to be contacted if there is a study that might be appropriate for them.

To register or find out more visit

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