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About Us

The Willoughby Community Men's Shed Inc. is a fully equipped wood and metal workshop where skilled and unskilled men can work on a range of personal, shed and community projects.

The 'Shed' is open to men of all ages and provides a safe and caring environment where time can be spent working alongside like minded people or simply visiting for a 'cuppa and chat'. There are no membership requirements other than wanting to be part of the Shed 'Family' and enjoying the friendly environment.

Training is provided for Members who lack workshop experience and everyone, no matter their previous experience, must be accreditied to use any machinery. Safety is the Shed's core priority.

On Wednesdays women are invited to join workshop activities and work alongside fellow Shedders.

Another initiative has been to include men with assistance requirements who, with their carers, enjoy both the socialising with other Shedders and the reward of constructing their own projects under guidance of their fellow Shedders.

The 'Shed' operates Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, as well as a Special Project and Maintenance Day on the first Monday of each month. The Shed is open on Friday upon request.

At present Tuesdays are reserved for "fitting-out" the new premises at Warners Park.

The 'Old' Shed is located at 296E Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge, next to the Northbridge Golf Club.

The 'New' Shed is located in Warners Park, The Outpost, Northbridge

If you are interested in joining the 'Shed' feel free to drop in, look around, have a cuppa and a chat and meet our 'Shedders'.

Shed Activities

Woodwork, Metalwork, Laser Cutting etc. Women attend Wednesday

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Tony Clifford

Warners Park Northbridge, NSW 2063
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Positive impacts


"I've found a great group of mates"

Mateship is an important pillar of every Men’s Shed – first and foremost the shed is a place for men to knock about with a group of like-minded mates.


“I give back to the community”

Men’s Sheds are vital community investments delivering programmes and activities that foster community spirit and contribute to building a more inclusive Australia.

Health & Wellbeing

“My health and wellbeing is better because I'm a Shedder”

Many shedders experience improved mental health outcomes. Men (and women) involved at their local Shed report increased self-esteem through participation and learning new skills; de-stigmatisation of experiencing mental health and de-stigmatisation of prevalent social issues related to mental health.

Watch — More than just a shed

The Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) is the national service provider supporting more than 1,200 Men’s, Women’s and Community Sheds and is recognised as one of Australia’s largest male-based community development organisations.

AMSA was established in 2007 by a collection of Australian independent community-based Men’s Sheds to represent, support and promote the Men’s Shed movement. It was founded on the principle of sharing information between sheds and those communities wishing to establish and operate a Men’s Shed. It acts as a central hub for information exchange.

Facts & Figures


Men’s Sheds across Australia (that's more Men's Sheds than Macca's restaurants!)


More than 2,500 Men's Sheds operate in 12 countries


The first Men's Shed was established in 1993 (Goolwa, South Australia)


More than 50,000 Australian men participate in Men's Sheds