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Men’s Shed Week

Men’s Shed Week is our annual opportunity to collectively showcase Men’s Sheds to the world. It’s a great chance to focus government, corporate partners, media and the community on the benefits and positive contributions Men’s Sheds make to the Australian community.

We’re proud of the work undertaken throughout the Men’s Shed network – the achievements and benefits of Men’s Sheds for members and communities are immeasurable. So we’ve dedicated an entire week to celebrating all things Men’s Sheds.

This year we will celebrate Men’s Sheds from Monday 24 September to Sunday 30 September.

The official opening of Men’s Shed Week 2018 will be held at AMSA’s 2017 Men’s Shed of the Year, Menshed Wagga Wagga, on Friday 21 September 2018.

Men’s Shed Week 2018 Theme – Celebrating Mateship

First and foremost a Men’s Shed is a place to knock around with a group of mates. The shed is a place for friendship and for a sense of purpose; a place to belong and contribute.

Men’s Shed Week 2018 aims to highlight the mateship and comradery found within a Men’s Shed, and across the Men’s Shed movement.

One hundred years ago the end of WWI embedded mateship into the fabric of Australian culture, so a century later we are recognising that this spirit still lives on in many ways across the Men’s Shed communities through stories of shedders as they stand shoulder to shoulder around the world.

Men’s Shed Week Events & Celebrations

We encourage sheds to hold open days and celebrations to mark the special contributions Men’s Sheds make in your lives and communities throughout the week. By holding an event in Men’s Shed Week, it provides the ideal opportunity to:

  • Promote your Men’s Sheds throughout your community
  • Show appreciation for your community’s support
  • Showcase your activities
  • Acknowledge those who have made significant contributions to your Shed
  • Engage with local Health, government and community services
  • Attract new members

The event can be small or large – but most importantly it should celebrate the mateship in your shed and highlight the benefits of Men’s Sheds to your special guests.

Your Men’s Shed Week 2018 Toolkit