There’s an organic ethos of welfare within the Men’s Shed that includes looking after the physical, mental and social wellbeing of members. To put it simply, shedders look out for their mates – even if they can no longer get down to the shed. The Shed Mates initiative aims to empower Shed Wellbeing Teams and Shedders with a simple framework and a toolbox of resources for better wellbeing.

Why Shed Mates?

In 2022 we launched our shedder wellbeing initiative: Shed Mates, shoulder to shoulder for shedder wellbeing.

The Shed Mates initiative builds on work already done by Men’s Sheds all over the country, providing a framework of engagement and implementation strategies and activities to enhance shedder wellbeing.

Shed Mates in Action is the next phase of the initiative, which will be rolled out across the country during 2023. The premise of Shed Mates in Action is a simple and easy guide to taking a purposeful approach to improving and evaluating member wellbeing.


at the shed

Men’s Sheds say thanks to Black Dog Ride in Alice Springs

Supported by Black Dog Ride

With the support of Black Dog Ride, the Australian Men’s Shed Association developed and delivers our Shed Mates initiative – a framework supporting the wellbeing of Shedders all over the country.

We could not be more humbled by the fundraising and awareness raising efforts of Black Dog Riders and their support of our Shedder wellbeing initiative, Shed Mates.

The generous support of partners, businesses and other community organisations helps AMSA to connect grassroots Men’s Shed communities for better wellbeing and health.

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