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Helping you get back to the Shed: ‘Getting back to the Shed’ Guide now available

12 MAY 2020

Understandably, we’re all keen to get back to our Shed life.

Australia has so far been highly successful in ‘flattening the curve’. The number of new COVID-19 cases in Australia each day is very low. And the National Cabinet have now begun to take careful steps to ease some of the restrictions that have helped us suppress the spread of this virus. With the release of a three-step framework to ‘reopen’ Australia, our State Governments are now implementing this framework to gradually remove baseline restrictions and make Australia ‘COVID-safe’.

As this looks different in each state, it means that the operation of Sheds across Australia will differ from state to state. We advise you to contact the authorities relevant to your state to ensure any steps you take to reopen are appropriate and within the easing of restrictions.

Our Getting back to the Shed Guide is now available to help Sheds navigate the process of reopening safely and legally. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR GUIDE TO GETTING BACK TO THE SHED.

The Australian Men’s Shed Association has no direct control over Men’s Sheds and cannot authorise Sheds to reopen, however our role is in the provision of leadership.

For Sheds who are covered by the AMSA Group Insurance Scheme, it is up to the committee members to ensure they are complying with the relevant legislation of their locality prior to allowing activities of any description to resume. If members are acting legally, then subject to the terms and conditions of each policy, they can expect coverage of the relevant insurance policy to afford protection. For those Sheds with other insurance coverage, we recommend that you contact your insurer for further information.

We’re all eager to return to the Sheds, but remember the advice from the National Cabinet is very clear: continued success against COVID-19 is about collective action and depends on maintaining our new community norms – physical distancing, good hygiene practices and downloading the COVIDSafe app to keep us all safe while we are out and about. You can stay up to date with daily updates from the Federal Department of Health here.

The Australian Men’s Shed Association will continue to stay in touch with members to provide information and updates as they are relevant. Our office is open to help, can contact us on 1300 550 009 or at