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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update for Men’s Sheds – Necessary Shed Closures

From the Chairman

Hello Shedders,

What a novel-like time we find ourselves in.

I know many sheds have closed this past week based on our recommendations, and even some prior to that. We understand how important Men’s Sheds are to members – we also live and breathe sheds and more than anyone know the real life difference the shed makes to the lives of many thousands of men and women right around the world.

Unfortunately, today we bring you the news that based on the Government’s most recent advice Men’s Sheds MUST close.

As at 11.59pm on 25 March 2020, it will no longer be legal to open Men’s Shed facilities as they are considered to fall within the Community and Recreation Centres category of restricted premises. Read the directive from the Prime Minister at:

This directive means you will be acting against the terms and conditions of the insurance policies, should anything occur whilst operating the Shed, until such time it is no longer considered a restricted premise.

As it is likely your Shed may be closed for some time, we encourage you to employ the following:

  • Ensure the Shed is secure
  • Ensure the water is switched off (unless it is supplying a sprinkler system)
  • Ensure pallets or flammable materials are not stored against the Shed
  • Wheelie bins are best stored inside the Shed
  • If safe and legal to do so, have a person externally inspect the premises once a week – this may become impractical to do as further tightening of restrictions are made – please monitor the situation
  • DO NOT place any notices on Social Media or your Shed doors noting the Shed is closed – this signals to thieves the Shed is available to them
  • If at all possible, have items of expense/attractiveness to thieves (computers etc), taken to member’s homes prior to the shutdown

We are in unprecedented times. For older Australians, the outcomes of contracting coronavirus (COVID-19) are just too harmful to take any risk. We must take every precautionary measure to prevent the spread this potentially deadly virus.

As many of us are now physically distancing ourselves from shed mates, friends and even family. AMSA has been working on ways to bring some flavour of the shed to you, as well as some ways to maintain some level of social connection during this time. Because, despite being physically isolated, our community spirit still connects us – we’re in this together.

In the coming week we will launch The AMSA Shed Online. An online blog and discussion board, open to anyone, in the hope that we can carry on some of the conversations you’d have at the shed. The AMSA Shed Online will be a mix of AMSA delivered content, as well as a genuine conversational platform directed by you.

The AMSA team is also working on a program of podcasts and webinars to help you keep in touch over the coming weeks and months. We’ll bring you more information on these as we pedal quickly to move our services and initiatives online through these channels.

If you need us, the AMSA team is still available on 1300 550 009 or at You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram @australianmensshedassociation.

Government advice and directives are being reviewed regularly. You can stay up to date the recommendations provided by the Federal Department of Health at

I want to leave you with the reminder to focus on just four things in these uncertain times: stay connected, stay active, stay positive and stay informed. We’re in this together and hopefully we’ll share a cuppa at the shed one day soon.

Australian Men’s Shed Association