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History of AMSA

Before AMSA was formed, Men’s Sheds had developed often quite spontaneously in many different areas of Australia over a number of years.

The evolution of the Australian Men’s Shed Association can be attributed to key people and various groups of dedicated volunteers all of whom envisaged a national body that could bring together the Men’s Shed movement.

In 2005, there were an estimated 200 Men’s Sheds operating in Australia and today the AMSA has a membership base of over 930.

A major achievement for the Association was formal recognition by the Federal Government of the role that Men’s Shed play in addressing social isolation, health and well-being. Its inclusion in the National Male Health Policy launched in 2010 lead to funding through the Federal Department of Health with a major proportion of this funding quarantined specifically for the direct financial assistance to Men’s Sheds.

The ‘behind the scenes’ work has been phenomenal and a comprehensive history of the Association can be accessed by viewing this pdf – AMSA Chronological History