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Based at the Flinders Island Showgrounds, Whitemark, membership to our shed is inclusive of all residents in the Furneaux Group of Islands over the age of 14. We opened on the 26 October 2014 with 16 male and 16 female members. We now have over 70 members, not bad for a population of just on 800. . Our kettle is always on for a cuppa. Please feel free to drop in and see what you can do with us. You are always welcome.

Shed Activities

We are now into our Fourth year working in our shed. The number of members using the facility is pleasing and we are assured that opening this Shed was really needed on the island. Most people already have projects planned and with the supervision and help of Dale, Dave and Peter, the members are enthused with the results they are leaving with at the end of the day.

With the knowledge and support of the supervisors and the range of tools and machinery in the shed, even the most inexperienced person will be able to complete a project without too much difficulty. Fortunately we have been able to purchase several new pieces of equipment over the past 3 years due to various grants being achieved and are now well equipped for all manner of work.
There is certainly a positive feeling in the shed when people see how quickly they can master the tools the supervisors have shown them in their induction.

Once the kiln is operating I think that will also get a lot of work. In the meantime dextrous hands are hand building pots.

The bike kitchen which Russ set up is still operating servicing many island bikes with the work being carried out by Chris and Peter with our test driver Guy. Don't forget that kettle is always fired up for our members and visitors.

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Ken Stockton

290 Palana Rd Flinders Island, TAS 7255
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0428 855 022

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"I've found a great group of mates"

Mateship is an important pillar of every Men’s Shed – first and foremost the shed is a place for men to knock about with a group of like-minded mates.


“I give back to the community”

Men’s Sheds are vital community investments delivering programmes and activities that foster community spirit and contribute to building a more inclusive Australia.

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“My health and wellbeing is better because I'm a Shedder”

Many shedders experience improved mental health outcomes. Men (and women) involved at their local Shed report increased self-esteem through participation and learning new skills; de-stigmatisation of experiencing mental health and de-stigmatisation of prevalent social issues related to mental health.

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