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Men’s Shed Research

The AMSA website contains

  • a range of research papers that informs Men’s Shed based practice
  • various Evaluation Reports undertaken by external organisations such as beyondblue/Ultrafeed and La Trobe University.

The research, mostly from Australia, provides recent evidence and insights as to why and how ‘Men’s Shed’ or workshop-based practice can enhance men’s lives and wellbeing in some community settings.

It is important to acknowledge the generous cooperation of shed participants as informants in this research as well as the pioneering and exploratory work in this field by many individuals and organizations in community shed settings long before this research was undertaken.

The ‘Men’s Shed movement’ in Australia has generously cooperated with a range of research projects in the past decade, including those related to learning, health and wellbeing outcomes. Shed-based organisations that have cooperated with the research have assumed that the evidence and insights the research generates will be widely disseminated in order to help a range of organisations, including governments, to determine how their policies, funding and practices might be shaped to support men and the shed sector.

With sheds recently spreading and rapidly proliferating in New Zealand, Ireland and England, and, with interest in Men’s Sheds or culturally similar workshops being expressed from other parts of Europe, Asia and the Pacific, it is important to make the available research as widely accessible as possible, including on this Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) web site

If you know of other, relevant research you think should be added to this Draft list, please provide Barry Golding with the details via