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  • UPDATE | DGR Status for Men’s Sheds & Women’s Sheds delayed due to coronavirus

UPDATE | DGR Status for Men’s Sheds & Women’s Sheds delayed due to coronavirus

Statement from Australian Department of Treasury

Legislative amendments to create a new general DGR category for sheds have not yet been introduced before the Parliament due to the sitting calendar being interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the reduced sitting days for 2020 we are unable to provide an estimated timeframe for when the new DGR category will be reflected in law. This means the proposed DGR category for sheds will not be available until the tax law is amended and passed through parliament. Donors will not be able to claim a tax deduction for gifts made to a shed until the law is passed and the shed is DGR endorsed.

Sheds intending to seek DGR endorsement can prepare for the application process by reviewing their governing documents to make sure they will meet charity and DGR requirements. This can make the application process smoother when the time comes to apply once the legislation is in place.

As sheds will need to be registered as charities before they can apply for DGR endorsement, sheds may like to consider applying to be registered as a charity before the legislation is passed. Although, charity registration will not entitle a shed to apply for DGR endorsement under the proposed new category until the legislation comes into effect.

Please note that charity registration involves ongoing obligations to the ACNC, including record-keeping and annual reporting.

Further information

Sheds seeking guidance on DGR endorsement, including documentation requirements, can contact the ATO Not-for-profit helpline on 1300 130 248 between 8:00am and 6:00pm (AEDT), Monday to Friday.

Sheds seeking information about charity registration are encouraged to consult the ACNC website at:

A registration application checklist is available at:

Information about charity obligations can be found at

If you have further questions, there is an online enquiry form available that will be directed to the ACNC’s Advice Services team.