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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) update for Men’s Sheds in Victoria | July 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update for Men’s Sheds in Victoria | July 2020

  Hello Shedders

Our thoughts are with every Shedder who is affected by the latest spike in COVID-19 cases in Victoria and the resulting restrictions, or lockdowns, specifically affecting the metropolitan Melbourne area and the Shire of Mitchell.

Men’s Sheds in certain postcodes in Victoria must again shut down due to the Victorian State Government’s updated restrictions.

For Sheds in the metropolitan area of Melbourne and the Shire of Mitchell, this means it will no longer be legal to open Men’s Shed facilities.

These restrictions took effect as of 11.59pm Wednesday 8 July 2020.

‘Given the rapid increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Victoria, it’s critical we take necessary steps to help keep our communities — DHHS.vic website

We recommend you read the Victorian State Government’s latest advice here at this link:

Here’s a handy check list of measures we encourage you to take, given it is likely your Shed may be closed for some time:

• Ensure the Shed is secure
• Ensure the water is switched off (unless it is supplying a sprinkler system)
• Ensure pallets or flammable materials are not stored against the Shed
• Wheelie bins are best stored inside the Shed
• If safe and legal to do so, have a person externally inspect the premises once a week. This may become impractical as further tightening of restrictions are made so please monitor the situation
• DO NOT place any notices on social media or your Shed doors noting the Shed is closed  — this signals to thieves the Shed is available to them
• If at all possible, take valuable items (computers etc) to members homes

On a personal level, please do your best to stay connected, active, positive and informed.

It may also be a great chance to catch up on episodes of The Shed Wireless podcast — and in some positive news, we’re working to bring you Season 2 with some great new episodes in the next few weeks.

Don’t forget we now also have a members discussion board at The Shed Online, along with plenty of interesting articles to read. This was set up specifically to keep Men’s Sheds connected during the COVID-19 crisis.

Remember that your fellow Shedders around Australia, and the world, are with you in spirit — if not at the Shed.

The AMSA team is available by phone 1300 550 009 or email to should you need us.

You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram @australianmensshedassociation

Stay well, Shedders.

David Helmers
Executive Officer, Australian Men’s Shed Association