The AMSA Shed Online Discussion Forum Tips

Here are some discussion forum tips to get you started using The AMSA Shed Online!

  1. Check for topics. Before posting a new topic, question or conversation, please check to see if there is already a topic open on the subject. You can use the search bar as an easy way to check this.
  2. Use descriptive titles. Avoid ‘generic’ post subjects like “Help” or “Question”. You will receive a better response to your posts by making your title more descriptive… “What is your Shed Membership process?”
  3. Stay on topic. When creating a new discussion thread, give a clear topic title and put your post in the appropriate category. When contributing to an existing discussion, try to stay ‘on topic’. If something new comes up within a topic that you would like to discuss, start a new thread.
  4. One account per person. Running multiple identities on our forums is not permitted. If you are unable to access your account, please get in touch with us rather than creating a new one.


Dave Clarke 10 April 2020 - 7:47 am

In other forums, there are opportunities to post pictures. I have tried to post in this forum, but the picture does not appear. Are we able to post pictures or has this feature been disabled?

theshedonline 15 April 2020 - 12:45 pm

Hi Dave, this feature has not been disabled (on purpose, anyway!). We’ll get onto it and get it sorted asap.

Dave Clarke 16 April 2020 - 11:38 am

Thanks for that. I was wondering if it might be ‘DropBox’ that was at fault.

Dave Clarke 23 April 2020 - 7:08 pm

Now, here is a curly one. I received an email for an update to a post, I clicked on the link and it opened up to the second page of comments. When I click ‘login’ it takes me back to the 1st page (still logged in) when I press the 2nd page, it opens up, but I am no longer logged in. Click the back arrow and I am logged in again.
If I open any other forums, it is the same problem, not logged in.?????

AMSA Ann 27 April 2020 - 9:32 am

Hi Dave,
Hmm, that is a bit of a curly one. Let us look into it and we’ll get back to you.

Dave Clarke 8 May 2020 - 9:56 am

I finally worked this one out. When I press the refresh symbol it logs me back in.

Dave Clarke 5 May 2020 - 12:40 pm

I have been trying to post an answer to one of the participants’ queries. Every time I press ‘Submit’ it does not add my reply to the post. I have tried on several occasions with the same result.
I am logged in. I have also refreshed the page to see if that works. The article is much shorter than some other posts. So I am at a struggle as to why it will not work.
Do we know why this may be happening please?

lesterb 13 May 2020 - 8:19 am

Can someone tell me where I can modify my forum profile?

theshedonline 12 June 2020 - 11:01 am

Hi lesterb, at the moment we don’t have the facility to update forum profiles. It’s on the list for the next phase of development. If there’s something you’d like changed please get in touch with us at

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