5 interesting additions for your next Men’s Shed event

They say variety is the spice of life – so how can you add some spice to your next Men’s Shed event? AMSA’s Events Coordinator Marty shares his top 5 interesting additions for your next Men’s Shed.

  1. Call in a caricaturist! People love having a laugh at themselves, Caricatures are always good for that!
  2.  That’s Entertainment! Music always creates great atmosphere See if there is a local Barber Shop Quartet or Choir that may want to belt out a few tunes! Other ideas could be a Bush Poet, Shed Band, or local busker.
  3.  Have a ‘Crazy Hat Competition’ and invite shedders to enter and parade their designs for the chance to win a Bunnings Voucher!
  4. Get your Snags On!! Sheds are synonymous for their sausage sangas, why not ask the local butcher to come and do a sausage and/or salami making demonstration. Could be a new shed activity?!
  5.  Get active! Invite someone to come and do a demonstration that encourages audience participation, such as Yoga, Heart-moves, Tai Chi, or even…. The Wiggles!

What interesting activities or demonstrations have you seen at a Men’s Shed event?


Sam Thomas 30 March 2020 - 2:58 pm

Went to a great event where the Shed had a blacksmith and some other old skills….a forge would be great addition to the Shed…we’d need to find someone to help set it up.

John 30 March 2020 - 7:32 pm

….I saw a bees display at the Wagga Shed that was good. They also had a brew room forgot to ask if they made mead.
I recon these are two INTERESTING additions for the next event, they’ll bring them in.

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