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The Shedder – Autumn 2018


Hello Shedders,

Over the years Men’s Sheds from all around the globe have regularly sent us photos and news of their Sheds. We enjoy receiving them and we try to pass as many of them on as we possibly can.

The photo below was recently sent to us from the Creswick Men’s Shed (Victoria) and I have to admit this image hit a nerve straight away. On first glance and at the risk of sounding like an art critic, there was something aesthetically pleasing about the image that seemed to be capturing the essence of a Men’s Shed. Maybe it was the rustic appearance of the signs above the door or the presence of the timber, there was something here that was shouting out what Men’s Sheds are.

On closer study I realised it was the timber mounts themselves that served as a memorial with photos of three men and the inscribed dedications that said it all, this is what a Men’s Shed is all about: friendship.

These photos and the dedications show appreciation for members who have now passed, and recognises their contribution to the Creswick Men’s Shed. Most of all these highlight how much the Shed still values their friendship and have retained their memory.

This is not uncommon in Men’s Sheds, in fact most sheds I visit have similar plaques of dedication. Some have peaceful memorial gardens or dedicated pieces of machinery for members passed, as a constant reminder of who they were and what they did for their Men’s Shed and their community.

In many of these cases, and as we see quite often in Men’s Sheds, these friendship are formed in the Men’s Shed as many of them were unknown to each other previously. This is one of the great achievements of the Men’s Shed movement universally.

Together we have reduced social isolation through the formation of friendships, and it is images like this that show how strong and meaningful these friendships are.

Today with the Men’s Shed movement and the many challenges it presents, it is worth reflecting upon the many successes that have been achieved and ask ourselves what we are all about: enjoying life, enjoying the comradery and enjoying the shed, shoulder to shoulder.

David Helmers
Executive Officer