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The Shedder – July 2017

Click here to read the July edition of The Shedder.

Getting out and about

It has been a busy month for the AMSA team.

We’ve been out and about visiting sheds, and attending openings and events. We’ve been planning celebrations for Men’s Shed Week (25 September – 1 October 2017). And, we’ve put the (almost) final touches on the program for our Cabot’s 7th National Men’s Shed Conference (29 September – 1 October 2017).

As the team has grown, we’re finding that we have more time to be in sheds, and we’ve all loved getting out to spend time sheds and meeting new faces. Send us an invitation to your next shed event and we’ll certainly do our best to get along.

The size of Australia and the number of sheds across our vast country presents a challenge for a small team, but we will continue to build our capacity to be more present in sheds so that we can see and hear you most effectively.

Over the last few months I’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on the past and looking towards shaping the future of AMSA. Using information from evaluations and member surveys we’re busy finalising our strategic direction for the next few years so that we can best position AMSA to make a positive impact for our member Men’s Sheds and shedders—and we’re feeling really positive about the future.

AMSA exists to support and grow the Men’s Shed movement, for the health and wellbeing of Australia men and communities. We want to see Men’s Sheds succeed and the AMSA team do everything they can to see out that purpose.

Speaking of which, I’m pleased to announce that we will again work with the team from Garage Sale Trail this year as a community partner.

Garage Sale Trail started as a grassroots idea to encourage reuse, celebrate creativity and bring local people together. In Australia, our waste is growing six times faster than the population—so buying and selling second hand at a garage sale is a great way to reduce and think differently about waste.

Over a weekend in October, the Australian community is encouraged to host a garage sale or shop the trail to create positive social and environmental change.

About 20 Men’s Sheds hosted garage sales in 2015, which grew to 78 in 2016. This year we’re keen to see this number grow even higher. You’ll find more information about the Garage Sale Trail in next month’s edition of The Shedder.

In other exciting news, we’re proud to report great success for the Irish Men’s Shed Association as they launched the Irish Spanner in the Works? website as part of their Sheds for Life program this month.

We have worked closely with IMSA to support the development of the Irish Men’s Shed movement for a number of years, and continue to share lessons and ideas for the benefit of sheds all over the world.

We have four of our IMSA friends joining us for our National Men’s Shed Conference – you can hear all about Sheds for Life and Men’s Sheds in sunny Surfers Paradise in September.

Yours in shedding,

David Helmers
Executive Officer