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  • Paul Sladdin to take over as Australian Men’s Shed Association Chairman as Kevin Callinan retires

Paul Sladdin to take over as Australian Men’s Shed Association Chairman as Kevin Callinan retires

Long-standing member of the Men’s Shed community and Australian Men’s Shed Association Chairman Kevin Callinan has announced his retirement after five years in the position.

Prior to succeeding Ted Donnelly as Chairman in 2013, Mr Callinan served as Director on the AMSA Board and Secretary of the New South Wales Men’s Shed Association for a number of years.

Mr Callinan has had a major impact on guiding key amendments to the Association’s constitutional and governance structures to recognise the direct relationship between AMSA and member Men’s Sheds.

Paul Sladdin, a member of the AMSA Board since 2016, has been appointed as the new Chairman.

Mr John Sharples, long serving AMSA Director and NSW Men’s Shed Association Secretary, has been appointed as the Board’s Vice Chairman.

“I look forward to working with and supporting Paul, and the AMSA Board, to achieve even more for Men’s Sheds as Immediate Past Chairman,” said Mr Callinan.

Mr Sladdin has a long-standing history of involvement in the Men’s Shed movement and brings a wealth of experience in community education and community development to his new position.

“Having celebrated ten years of AMSA just last year, the Men’s Shed movement continues to grow and play an integral role in advancing the wellbeing and health of Australian males,” said Mr Sladdin.

AMSA Executive Officer David Helmers welcomed Mr Sladdin to the role and thanked Mr Callinan for his invaluable contributions to AMSA and the Men’s Shed movement.

“Kevin has had a hand in many of the foundations of change for AMSA, and I know I speak on behalf of the AMSA team when I say we look forward to working with Paul at the helm of the AMSA Board to deliver on the outcomes of these changes,” said Mr Helmers.

Looking ahead, both Mr Callinan and Mr Sladdin are excited by the future of AMSA in playing a key role in the development and sustainability of the Australian (and international) Men’s Shed movement.

“I’m very much looking forward to visiting Men’s Sheds across the country and increasing AMSA programs and events to support Men’s Sheds particularly in rural and regional Australia,” said Mr Sladdin.