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  • Orange Sky Laundry to share their story at the Cabot’s 7th National Men’s Shed Conference

Orange Sky Laundry to share their story at the Cabot’s 7th National Men’s Shed Conference

Orange Sky Laundry is the world’s first free mobile laundry service for the homeless.

A crazy idea in 2014, to put two washing machines and two dryers in a van and wash and dry clothes for free. Starting in the streets of Brisbane, Orange Sky has now grown to 13 services across Australia in Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Adelaide, SE Melbourne, Wollongong and Hobart.

Orange Sky Laundry now does over 5.8 tonnes of laundry every week. However most importantly, has over 1,100 hours of positive and genuine conversations every week. Sounds a bit like a Men’s Shed!

David Tubb, General Manager of Operations, leads an energetic and innovative team, which delivers a world-first and value-adding experience for our friends on the street and incredible volunteers. David was a founding board member of Orange Sky Laundry, and two years on, he continues to be challenged in an environment that is redefining what public perceptions about the capabilities of non-for-profit organisations.

David holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Queensland, and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education. He utilises this experience to maximise Orange Sky’s impact in the community and deepen the connections between our friends and volunteers.

David puts the entire office to shame with his organisational skills. It’s no surprise that he was once interviewed by Hamish and Andy for owning 53 Hawaiian shirts – that’s every possible design available in Australia!

Make sure not to miss David talking about the Orange Sky Laundry story and mission at the Cabot’s 7th National Men’s Shed Conference.

Click here to visit the website to register today – only 5 days remain to take advantage of the early bird discount.