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National Shed Development Programme Funding

National Shed Development Programme Funding



Updated documentation including Round 22 Guidelines V2 and the Application Form V2 is now available for download:

  1. National Shed Development Programme – Guidelines – Round 22 V2 final
  2. National Shed Development Programme – Application Form – Round 22 v2 final
  3. National Shed Development Programme – FAQs – Round 22 V2 final
  4. National Shed Development Programme – A Guide to Preparing your NSDP Application – Round 22 V2 final

Round 22 of the NSDP will specifically prioritise applications requesting:

  • events/improvements/equipment with a strong health, wellbeing or safety emphasis
  • in acknowledgement of the impact of COVID-19 and the needs of sheds in the recovery period (and beyond), IT equipment and training to facilitate connectivity
  • Defibrillators

For all Round 22 enquiries email


The Australian Men’s Sheds Association (AMSA) manages the Australian Government National Shed Development Programme (the NSDP) on behalf of the Department of Health. Twenty one rounds of grants have been completed and a total of $6,681,285.30 (GST excl) has been provided to assist new and existing Sheds. Under the NSDP, the Australian Government has allocated $1,000,000 (GST excl.) in the 2020/2021 financial year- two funding rounds each allocated $500,000 (excl. GST).

The NSDP provides direct financial assistance to:
– assist to address the health and wellbeing of the Shed members
– support health improvements through a focus on the social determinants of health through national activities in relation to key population groups such as men
– deliver appropriate activities and programmes

To reflect Government policy, priority is given to those Sheds in areas of greatest need e.g. regional, rural and remote and those that engage and meet the needs of members from the designated Priority Groups.

The NSDP is open to all Men’s Sheds in Australia, both members and non members of the AMSA. The applicant is not required to be a member of the AMSA.

 What is a Men’s Shed?

A Men’s Shed is any community-based, non-commercial organisation which is open to all males where:

  • The primary activity is the provision of a safe, friendly and inclusive environment where males are able to gather together and/or work on meaningful projects at their own pace, in their own time and in the company of other males;
  • The primary objective is to advance the health and well-being of their male members.

Men’s Sheds are a vital community investment delivering programmes and activities that foster community spirit, connect communities and contribute to building a more inclusive Australia. Most ‘shedders’ see themselves as having a strong sense of belonging and ownership of their Shed, share fellowship, camaraderie and devote most of their time to worthwhile community projects. Men’s Sheds not only play important roles in the overall improvement of health and wellbeing but also positively engaging within their community for the benefit of their community.

A ‘Men’s Shed’ can be a purpose built facility, a multipurpose community or private building or shared space used on a regular basis for the purposes of a Men’s Shed.  Innovative Men’s Shed models such as mobile sheds will also be considered where it can be established that these models are the best way to reach a specific priority group.



Applicants will have 6 weeks in which to complete and lodge their application 

What items/ services are eligible?

Individual Men’s Sheds in Australia can apply for a range of financial support across the following three funding categories:
– Category One Health and Wellbeing and Events Max $8,000
– Category Two Shed Improvements Max $8,000
– Category Three Equipment Max $5,000
Some items/materials may appear to fit within more than one category. If you are unsure, please contact for clarification.

  • Category One: Health and Wellbeing and Events-up to a maximum of $8000-assistance with costs incurred for the delivery of men’s health screening programmes, activities that advance health and well-being of their male members, costs to attend health focussed events and education programmes, planning and delivery of regional Men’s Health events, health resources
  • Category Two: Shed Improvements up to a maximum of $8000– funding to be used for improvements, modifications or refurbishment to an existing building or space to allow for the operation of the Men’s Shed. PLEASE NOTE: the building of a new Men’s Shed is not supported under this Programme
  • Category Three: Tools and Equipment up to a maximum of $5,000the priority focus in Category Three is providing financial support to new Men’s Sheds (less than 2 years old) and those Men’s Sheds that can who can clearly demonstrate a high need
  • More comprehensive details are available in the Round 20 NSDP Guidelines Part 4 ‘page 4. Two quotes for all requested items/services must accompany the application. If the building is owned by another party, the owner must provide written consent for the proposed work as an attachment to the application. If the building work requires Local Government approvals, these approvals/permits must accompany the application as attachment

Help and Support- Contact us on 1300 550 009 or at

Sponsoring body expenses- Note: Sponsoring bodies cannot request funds to reimburse their organisational expenses or charge an administration fee- the grant funds are for those expenses incurred directly by the Men’s Shed.

 Combination funding request- Applicants can include all requests across the three categories onto one Application Form 

 What cannot be funded by the NSDP?

  • The building of a new Shed/facility is not supported under this Programme
  • Funds to support a designated co-ordinator
  • Sponsoring bodies requests to reimburse their  organisational expenses – the grant funds are for those expenses incurred directly by the Men’s Shed project.
  • Individual projects requiring ongoing funding from AMSA. Note: this funding is provided for a specific activity/purpose on a one-off basis
  • The purchase of land. In general the land on which the facility development is proposed will be municipal property, Crown reserve, land owned by a public authority or held for public purposes (e.g.Trustees)
  • Repair of facilities damaged by vandalism, fire or other natural disasters where the act is covered by insurance
  • Additional funding for Men’s Shed components that have already received substantial funding from Government.

What are the Priority Groups?-The 12 Priority Groups for whom Men’s Sheds provide activities:

  • Males not in work
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males
  • Socially disadvantaged
  • Isolated males
  • Males with a disability
  • Males with a mental illness (e.g. Depression)
  • Migrant males
  • Males living in rural and remote areas
  • Defence veterans
  • Males suffering alcohol abuse
  • Males suffering drug abuse
  • Males who need support due to relationship issues

 What Men’s Sheds will be given priority?

The priorities for the NSDP include:
• Requests that address health and wellbeing and events
• Men’s Sheds in areas of greatest need
• Men’s Sheds who engage with and have membership from the 12 priority groups
• Applicants who have not received previous NSDP funding and can demonstrate need and engagement with the Priority Groups-applicants who have previously received funding are still eligible to apply and will be required to list all prior funding received – this will form part of the considerations by the Evaluation Panel. Please Note: applicants who have previously received funding are still eligible to apply.

What is the Application Evaluation Process?

Step 1: Compliance Check

– An initial assessment determines whether the application complies with the National Shed Development Programme Funding Guidelines. This includes:
• Postmarked on or before the closing date or sent electronically by the due date
• The applicant is a legal or registered entity -ASIC check
• Adequate content is provided to enable the Panel to make a reasonable assessment.
• Incomplete applications will be eliminated
• Two quotes from suppliers of goods and services attached
• Appropriate insurance Certificate of Currency attached
• Shed Improvements: a proposed site plan, quotes from qualified professionals, building permits, information on the ownership of the premises with written consent attached
• Memorandum of Understanding or Auspicing Agreement (if applicable)
• Signed by a person with delegation of authority
• For non AMSA members, Attachment A has been completed.

Step 2: Eliminated Applications
The Evaluation Panel may eliminate an application from further consideration and reasons documented e.g. the application was received after the nominated closing date.

Step 3: Preparation of Applicant Spreadsheet
– Information provided by applicants will be entered onto a master database.
– All future correspondence regarding Round 19 will be sent to the Main Contact and Men’s Shed Contact nominated in the application.

Step 4: Calculation of Initial Score and ranking
– Using 2011 ABS data provided by the Department and Priority Group responses from the applicant, an Initial Score will be allocated
– Applications will then be ranked.

Step 5: The Evaluation Process
The Evaluation Panel will have 3-5 weeks to undertake the evaluation of applications dependent on agreed timelines.
Evaluation Panel Assessment- The Panel will initially assess the following before considering the other aspects of the application: Eligibility, Need, Value, Organisational capacity ( operate effectively as a Men’s Shed) and Risk
Applications can be eliminated from further consideration at this point and reasons documented.

Please Note: to proceed, applicants must achieve a minimum Selection Criteria score of 5 for each of the following criteria: Eligibility, Capacity and Risk. Do not leave these sections blank as you will receive a zero score and be eliminated.

– Assessed on ranking which is based ABS/Remoteness/Priority Groups + selection criteria score
– Applicants who have a lower score may be placed into a reserve pool for consideration by the Panel if required.
– The Panel will then consider short-listed applicants based on their application.
– Factors considered by the Panel include:
• Demonstrated need and levels of disadvantage
• Services/items requested
• Category/categories in which applicant has been successful in previous rounds
• The number of rounds in which the applicant has been successful
• The overall level of NSDP funding previously received by the applicant
• The applicant’s efforts in sourcing other funding/fundraising

Recommendations for funding are made by the Panel and lodged with the Department
• The Australian Government Department of Health reviews and examines the recommendations made by the Panel. The Department has the authority to review and change recommendations based on funding criteria
• Final recommendations are submitted to the Minister for Health by the Department of Health
• Successful applicants are informed and results are announced via a media release from the Minister for Health.

Other downloads available:

AMSA Resource- The Men’s Shed Gathering and Health Event Manual June 2019 V2

The Men’s Shed Grants Handbook Oct 2019

AMSA Resource- The National Shed Development Programme Manual May 2021