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Men’s Sheds supporting drought relief initiatives and requests

Over the past few weeks, AMSA has had a number of requests from Men’s Sheds in drought affected areas of Australia, as well as Men’s Sheds wanting to help. This is a reflection of the character of the Men’s Shed movement and the people within it.

One of AMSA’s objectives is to support Men’s Sheds and the communities in which they operate, so we have investigated and listened to many ways in which Men’s Sheds could participate in the drought relief efforts – not only for farmers but for the communities that support and rely on them.

What can individual Men’s Sheds do? 

Whatever and however your Men’s Shed decides to help is up to you.

Shed Buddy Programme

A Men’s Shed in a less affected area could partner with a Men’s Shed in drought affected areas; through collaboration, they develop ways in which they can provide support to the community.


Maitland Men’s Shed NSW is fundraising and has partnered with The Baradine Rusty Club (Men’s Shed) NSW. They are working together (in partnership with the Bowling Club) to plan a community event and the men from Maitland will be going up on a bus. This no doubt will bring financial input into the Baradine community and demonstrate the mateship within Men’s Sheds.

Terrigal Men’s Shed NSW is collaborating with Narromine Men’s Shed NSW. Some members from Terrigal are visiting with Narromine to discuss potential support and projects with the Narromine Men’s Shed and they will also undertake a tour of the area and local farms.

If you would like to partner with a Buddy Men’s Shed, please contact us on 1300 550 009 or


Other Men’s Sheds simply want to raise funds for communities e.g. buying bales of hay, pre-paid Visa cards. The best and easiest way you can contribute to this relief effort is to fundraise and make a donation to organisations that are structured to provide this assistance.

Preferred list of charities undertaking support

Check out Charity Credentials

There is an easy way to check out the credentials of charities. It can be done by an online search for the body that regulates charities — the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission. There is also a phone centre if you have enquiries.

AMSA will keep you all informed about what different Men’s Sheds are doing and news from Men’s Sheds in affected areas. We will post this information via our Facebook page and website. Please send your fundraising efforts, drought news and support information/initiatives to

AMSA encourages you to not only look after yourself but look out for your mates.

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