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Men’s Shed Week celebrating connection, community and camaraderie

This Men’s Shed Week (30 August – 5 September) we’re celebrating the fundamentals of Men’s Sheds: connection, community and camaraderie. Men’s Sheds play an important role in providing men with a place to connect, a community to belong to and mates that make it all worthwhile.

How can you celebrate?

In previous years we’ve encouraged Sheds to host Open Days and invite guests in to showcase your Men’s Shed. If you’re in a location where it’s suitable this is still a great way to promote your Shed, however we understand it’s a difficult time to plan and hold events at the moment.

So this year, we encourage you to take the opportunity to celebrate within the Shed. It might be simple with a morning tea or lunch with Shed members across the week, or it may be a larger gathering of members and members’ friends and family, shed supporters and local government representatives.

 Join us for a conversation about connection, community and camaraderie

Thanks to the support of our partner Fair Dinkum Builds, we’re hosting two Shedder’s Long Lunch functions in partnership with Queensland Men’s Shed Association and Men’s Sheds of WA. See details on the Shed Events & Meetings Calendar.

Can’t get to a lunch? With so many of us still under some form of restrictions, we’re also hosting a couple of Candid Conversations online. Keep an eye on your inbox for more information.

Men’s Shed Week Toolkit

Men’s Shed Week resources will be available soon. Visit