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Jumping on the Garage Sale Trail

Pre-loved items are always welcome in a Men’s Shed, and often receive a new lease on life at the hands of a crafty shedder! Recycling is great, but this type of reuse is even better as it extends the life of the stuff we buy and takes pressure off our planet’s precious resources.

That’s why, for a third year running, the Australian Men’s Shed Association have teamed up with the folks at Garage Sale Trail as community partner.

The 2017 Garage Sale Trail is set to be the biggest one yet.

Being held over the weekend of 21 – 22 October, the event is a national movement of reuse-loving, community minded individuals who come together to clear out pre-loved stuff and find treasure (and there’s lots to be found at a Men’s Shed!).

Powered by local councils and the community, the weekend event will be a great opportunity to make new neighbourly connections and set free pre-loved items from cupboards, sheds and garages.

Visit to register your sale today. Get in quick to get one of the 1,250 free seller packs up for grabs.