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Go Dad Go! Healthy “dads” make healthy communities

This Men’s Health Week (11 – 17 June) the Australian Men’s Shed Association is shedding light on the importance of the health and wellbeing of “dads” in our communities and encouraging them to make positive changes for healthier communities.

Many of the leading causes of death for Australian males (at most ages) are linked to poor lifestyle choices, so men and their families can play a big role in improving the status of men’s health in Australia.

“Men’s Health Week is an important international opportunity to highlight the fact that men just don’t do health well. There’s still a great deal of stigma around many men’s health issues,” said Australian Men’s Shed Association Executive Officer David Helmers.

Led by Australian Men’s Shed Association Patron Professor John Macdonald out of the Men’s Health Information & Resource Centre (University of Western Sydney), Men’s Health Week 2018 puts a specific focus on the different ways families support the health and wellbeing of men and boys, and the positive contributions men and boys make to their families (of origin and choice).

The Australian Men’s Shed Association is taking it one step further to highlight that healthy men help to build healthy and sustainable communities to encourage “dads” to take control of their health for the benefit of everyone.

“This year’s theme is a great opportunity to recognise the capacity of shedders as role models in the community and the ways in which their positive and proactive approach to health and wellbeing promotes healthy behaviours across the community, as well as strengthens the health of thousands of older Australian men participating in the Men’s Shed movement,” said Mr Helmers.

For 20 years Men’s Sheds across Australia have provided men with a space to benefit from the positive health outcomes of socialisation.

In recent years many Men’s Sheds have taken up the cause of promoting a proactive approach to physical and mental health and wellbeing – for the benefit of many thousands of shedders who are now living longer and happier lives (not to mention the additional thousands of community members who also benefit as a result).

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