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  • Generosity of Men’s Sheds shines as drought-relief efforts mount

Generosity of Men’s Sheds shines as drought-relief efforts mount

As the situation in drought-affected areas of Australia becomes more dire, the generosity of Men’s Sheds continues to shine.

Men’s Sheds from across Australia have continued to embrace the spirit of mateship in our network, with a great number of ideas and fundraising drives occurring around the country.

This latest update brings you a summary of recent shed activities and efforts.

We first got a call from a Shed member letting us know they were teaming up with a Shed in a rural area to run a community event and both Sheds were going to attend to help raise spirits in the town, they did not stop there they were sending hay for stock feed as well.

Then a call from another Shed saying they were going out to the heart of the drought to see the need first hand. Their report came in yesterday and painted a bleak picture of dusty paddocks and broken farmers. The Shed are now raising funds by every means possible to give to the Lions drought relief program much needed funds, particularly  for fodder.

A Shed threw out a challenge for Sheds across Australia to raise $1,000 each hoping to hit a $1,000,000 target and then went and broke their own donation target by not only doubling down but then adding more- over $2,500

Men’s Sheds have pledged and given funds to CWA, Lions, Buy a Bale, Burrumbuttock Hayrunners, Blazeaid to name a few of the organisations on the ground helping our farmers and rural communities. Others are working with local Sheds to send pre-paid visa cards to be spent in local communities by families in need.

Our spread sheet of Shed donations and awesome efforts continues to grow. A great big call out to all the Sheds that have shared their efforts and ideas in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland-

Shed members are even getting involved individually. We received a call from Brian who with some friends are setting off on the train (‘a free train ride at pensioner rates’ he says) to country areas to spend some money where it’s needed. A great idea for a day trip with friends whilst helping those in need.

Others are supporting others…we have just heard from a Shed that sponsored a runner in the City 2 Surf run that was raising funds for farmers across Australia to the tune of $582.00 every dollar counts!

Bunnings BBQ’s, Giant garage sales, Sheds digging deep from their own coffers, there no end to the awesome efforts of the Shed community. It’s all about mateship and the Australian way.

AMSA continues to encourage you all to not only look after yourself but look out for your mates. Sheds are about mateship- it is Australian – friendship one to another, encompassing communities everywhere.

Please send your drought news and support information for posting to