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  • Federal Government commits $11.4 million to Men’s Sheds as part of new National Men’s Health Strategy

Federal Government commits $11.4 million to Men’s Sheds as part of new National Men’s Health Strategy

Recently the Federal Government launched the National Men’s Health Strategy 2020-2030 at Safety Beach Dromana Men’s Shed (VIC).

The Strategy sets out a national approach to improving health outcomes for Australian men and boys, committing $19.7 million to guide action focused on those at greatest risk of poor health.

The Strategy provides a forward looking blueprint for actions on five priority health issues affecting men’s health:

  • sexual and reproductive health and conditions
  • mental health
  • chronic conditions
  • injuries and risk taking
  • healthy ageing.

Click here to read more about the National Men’s Health Strategy.

AMSA is pleased to advise that the Strategy specifically commits significant continued and expanded funding to support the growth and development of Men’s Sheds nationally.

Over four years, the Federal Government will invest $11.4 million to:

  • grow direct funding to sheds via the National Shed Development Programme (NSDP)
  • increase on-the-ground and national support for Men’s Sheds
  • increase health, wellbeing & operational resources available to Men’s Sheds

Recognition of the contributions of Men’s Sheds to the improvement of health outcomes in the National Male Health Strategy further embeds Men’s Sheds into the fabric of the Australian community.

We acknowledge our key health partner Healthy Male (formerly Andrology Australia) for their contributions to the development of the National Male Health Strategy, along with the Expert Advisory Group.

It is with great excitement that we look to the coming decade – growing our work and supporting the Australian Men’s Shed movement to thrive.

AMSA is proud to be part of another great milestone for the funding and recognition of Men’s Sheds as a vital community asset. The AMSA team looks forward to growing our capacity to continue supporting you in what you do best.