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DGR category for community sheds Guidelines


Meeting the requirements for DGR endorsement

From 1 October 2020, community sheds can apply for deductible gift recipient (DGR) endorsement. To do so, they need to meet a number of criteria to be eligible.

To apply for charity registration and DGR endorsement, you need to submit governing documents to demonstrate you meet charity registration and DGR endorsement requirements. Governing documents contain a number of clauses that set-out your charitable purpose, your not-for-profit character, the way you operate, how you make decisions and what you need to do upon wind-up.

A help sheetproviding guidance on meeting the requirements for DGR endorsement. It contains tips and examples that may help when reviewing your governing documents.

2020 Help Sheet _ Community Sheds _ Meeting DGR endorsement 

The webinar presentation pack covering what is required to become DGR endorsed, the steps you need to take to apply, and your ongoing responsibilities, click here :

New DGR Category Community Sheds _Webinar_ACNC-ATO