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NSDP Grant Categories

The NSDP was reviewed by the Department of Health in March 2018 and major changes have been implemented effective Round 17 (April 2018):

  1. The Categories
  2. What can be requested within each category
  3. Maximum level of funding available
  4. Lodgement of Applications


Individual Men’s Sheds in Australia can apply for a range of financial support across three funding categories.

  • Category 1: Health & Wellbeing Events (Max $8,000)
  • Category 2: Shed Improvements (Max $8,000)
  • Category 3: Equipment (Max $5,000

Some items/materials may appear to fit within more than one category. If you are unsure, please contact for clarification.


Health & Wellbeing Equipment may include:

  • Defibrillator
  • First Aid Kit
  • Eye Wash Systems
  • Chemical storage cabinet
  • Shed Health & Safety equipment e.g. PPE, safety glasses, goggles, ear muffs, fire extinguishers, Test and Tag equipment
  • Safety Signage

Health & Wellbeing Training for members such as:

  • First Aid including Refresher Courses, CPR
  • Mental Health training programmes
  • Disabilities training programmes
  • Food Handling and Safety
  • Suicide ASIST training
  • Men’s Shed Health & Safety courses such as Handling Chemicals, Test & Tag
  • Workshop OHS and machinery safety

 Health & Wellbeing Resources such as:

  • Books
  • Handbooks and Manuals
  • DVD’s


Funding can be requested for an applicant to plan and deliver a Major Regional Event that should have a strong health focus but may also include Shed operational topics.

The funding will provide assistance with costs associated with an event that requires a Compulsory Element including:

  • Reference to the AMSA Events model/template and Manual or similar
  • Delivery of a ‘Spanner in the Works?’ men’s health check programme at the event
  • A programme of Health related guest speakers, health information sessions/stands, community services participation

 Letters of Support for the event from three (3) regional Men’s Sheds confirming their intent to attend must be included with the application

The funding request can also include transport subsidies for members to attend the event, catering and the hire of equipment such as a PA system.

Category Two: Shed Improvements up to a maximum of $8000

Please note: the building of a new shed or premises is not supported under the National Shed Development Programme.

Improvements, modifications or refurbishment of a Men’s Shed facility such as:

  • Electrical upgrade or additional lighting and/or power points
  • Replace/repair roof, damaged external and internal walls
  • Creation of a clean, dust free area
  • Repair and/or replace toilet facilities
  • Upgrade or replace unhygienic kitchen-cabinets
  • Enclose outdoor space for additional work or storage area,
  • Container to address storage or lack of work space
  • Labour and materials to address health and safety such as concrete/paved access, air conditioning, security e.g. window grills, locks.

Category Three: Equipment up to a maximum of $5000

The Priority focus in Category Three is providing financial support to:

  • New Men’s Sheds (less than two years old) or
  • Men’s Sheds that can clearly demonstrate a high need.

Tools & Equipment for new Men’s Sheds or existing Men’s Sheds in a high needs environment:

  • Tools for Men’s Shed activities such as wood and metalwork, hobbies, crafts, gardening activities e.g. Air compressor, power tools, raised garden beds, thicknesser, welders, leatherwork tools, wood lathe
  • Specific equipment to develop/improve areas within the Men’s Shed such as:
    • Kitchen and office e.g. microwave, computer, filing cabinet
    • Workshop e.g. dust extraction or air filtration system

What cannot be funded by the NSDP?

  • The building of a new shed/facility is not supported under this Programme
  • Funds to support a designated co-ordinator
  • Sponsoring bodies requests to reimburse their organisational expenses – the grant funds are for those expenses incurred directly by the Men’s Shed project
  • Sponsoring bodies requests to fund their organisational staff expenses
  • Individual projects requiring ongoing funding from AMSA. Note: this funding is provided for a specific activity/purpose on a one-off basis
  • The purchase of land. In general the land on which the facility development is proposed will be municipal property, Crown reserve, land owned by a public authority or held for public purposes (e.g. trustees)
  • Repair of facilities damaged by vandalism, fire or other natural disasters where the act is covered by insurance
  • Additional funding for Men’s Shed components that have already received substantial funding from Government.

The Application Process

The NSDP Guidelines provides comprehensive information including:

  • Completion and lodgement of the application form
  • The Evaluation process
  • Timelines

Help and Support

Please email or call 1300 550 009 if you have enquiries about:

  • The NSDP Application process
  • Items/services that are eligible for funding
  • Unsure of what category is relevant to your requests

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