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  • Cranbourne Casey Men’s Shed opens new shed with help from Blairlogie

Cranbourne Casey Men’s Shed opens new shed with help from Blairlogie

Five years ago Carolyn Carr, Blairlogie CEO, noticed a newspaper article about the local Men’s Shed operating from the President’s backyard. In response Ms Carr offered Cranbourne Casey Men’s Shed the use of a spare woodworking space at Blairlogie for one day per week.

Fast forward and last week the Cranbourne Casey Men’s Shed officially opened a brand new shed on the Blairlogie site, thanks to the help of Blairlogie and state government grant funding.

“It’s very positive to see deep relationships developing between Men’s Sheds and community organisations. One of the aims of Men’s Sheds is to build shedders’ connection with their community. Blairlogie and Cranbourne Casey Men’s Shed are working towards that cause at every level,” said AMSA representative, Matthew Plumridge.

Mr Plumridge attended the opening and was blown away by the community work undertaken by the Cranbourne Casey Men’s Shed, despite being a relatively small shed in membership.

Blairlogie Board President Mrs Carol Pollard officially opened the shed on Monday 27 March.

Blairlogie provide disability services to the Cranbourne community. Cranbourne Casey shedders assist Blairlogie clients with all the typical Men’s Shed ‘stuff’ when the shed is open.

Pictured (Right to Left): Amanda Stapleton (Casey Councillor, Blairlogie Board member), Cranbourne Casey Men’s Shed Committee,  Carol Pollaord (Blairlogie President), and Gabrielle William (Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Carers & Volunteers).