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  • Cessnock Men’s Shed & Garden lend a hand to Confident Cubicles

Cessnock Men’s Shed & Garden lend a hand to Confident Cubicles

The members of the Cessnock Men’s Shed & Garden were recently involved in the Confident Cubicles Project – a project designed to promote positive self-image and support a greater sense of wellbeing for young people in the Cessnock community.

The Confident Cubicles Project is a part of a NSW Government-funded, community-led initiative to create a greater sense of wellbeing in Cessnock’s young people.

The Project has seen toilet doors adorned with student paintings and positive affirmations.

The Cessnock Men’s Shed & Garden was involved in the collaborative effort, assembling 295 frame units for the paintings.

“When I was contacted and asked if we [the Men’s Shed] would participate in the building of the Confident Cubicles, I wasn’t sure what they were,” said the Shed’s Secretary, Col Chapman.

“After receiving more information, I spoke to a couple of the members and explained it to them – they were all for it,” said Mr Chapman.

“We made 295 from memory which took a lot of work by our members, but they were happy – and after seeing the final finish to them we are sure it was a great project and all the schools were happy. ”