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Celebrating Shed Life this Men’s Shed Week

The Australian Men’s Shed Association is taking the opportunity to celebrate shedders and shed activities across the Men’s Shed community this Men’s Shed Week (23 – 29 September).

From all walks of life men often stumble into a Men’s Shed looking for something (anything!) to do, but they find much more: community, purpose and friendship.

In the shed, you’ll find the activities reflect the diverse range of interests of members. Anything from woodwork and metalwork, to photography and technology, to gardening and most of all – tinkering about.

But Shed Life isn’t just about woodwork and manual crafts.

First and foremost, a Men’s Shed is a place for men to knock around with a group of mates. The shed environment offers men the opportunity to participate meaningfully in their community.

Men’s Shed Week is an annual event led by the Australian Men’s Shed Association to highlight the contributions of Men’s Sheds to their members’ health and wellbeing, and to the wider community.

The activity is supported by long-time partner of the Australian Men’s Sheds Association, Fair Dinkum Sheds.

“The benefits of Men’s Sheds are now recognised globally with thousands of sheds established across almost every continent,” said Mr Helmers.

The “Men’s Shed” as a productive place for older men was born in Australia in the 1990s. There are now over 1000 Men’s Sheds around Australia, roughly 450 in Ireland, 300 in the United Kingdom, 100 in New Zealand and 20 in Canada (just to name a few!). The movement has also started to gain momentum in the United States.

Men’s Sheds are vital community investments delivering programs and initiatives that foster community spirit and contribute to building a more inclusive Australia.