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VIDEO New Men’s Shed Community Service Announcement

28 September 20200

Now more than ever it’s more than just a shed. Launched in Men’s Shed Week 2020, this 30 second Community…

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How The Shed Wireless was born | VIDEO

15 July 20200

This is how The Shed Wireless podcast was born during the COVID-19 crisis in 2020. When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic…

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When was your last service?

9 June 20170

Most blokes understand the consequences of poor vehicle maintenance and are usually quite particular about maintaining their machinery. However when…

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Men’s Sheds keeping the balance for Men’s Health Week

9 May 20170

Men’s Health Week is an international celebration of the strengths of men and boys, implemented in Australia by the Men’s…

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Spanner in the Works?

25 November 20150

Us blokes can generally be quite fastidious about our machinery. It doesn’t matter if we are farmers, timber workers, truckers,…

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