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Calling Shedder photographers

Would you like to feature your shed in the 2021 AMSA Men’s Shed Calendar?

We all know that Sheds across Australia are filled with a variety of skills and talents (some more useful than others!).

But does your Shed happen to have a member who’s a talented amateur photographer?

If so, why not ask them to turn their lens towards your Shed exterior — and in particular your unique Men’s Shed sign.

Why? We’re looking for a collection of great pics to feature in our popular Men’s Shed calendar for 2021.

And while we can’t offer any payment, just think of the pride you’ll feel in having a photo of your Shed displayed on thousands of walls across the nation.

How to Submit your photograph

  1. Take or select a high resolution photograph of your Shed exterior – and in particular your unique Men’s Shed sign.
  2. Email with your high resolution photograph attached and in 200 words or less, tell us about your Men’s Shed.

By submitting your photograph to the Australian Men’s Shed Association, you give permission for its use in AMSA publications in print and online.

Please note, the images selected for inclusion in the Men’s Shed calendar 2021 will be at the discretion of the Australian Men’s Shed Association.

Additional Orders

You will have the opportunity to pre-order additional calendars to sell or use as gifts.  Additional calendars will cost $2.00 per calendar (plus postage) with a recommended sale price of $5.00.

We’ll let you know when the calendar preview is available online, at which time you will be able to submit a pre-order.

Your copy of the 2021 Men’s Shed Calendar

AMSA members will receive a copy of the 2021 Men’s Shed calendar, and featured sheds will receive an additional 5 copies.