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  • Building on great foundations to foster social connectedness | AMSA welcomes Fair Dinkum Builds as major partner

Building on great foundations to foster social connectedness | AMSA welcomes Fair Dinkum Builds as major partner

3 September 2021

Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) Executive Officer David Helmers today announced a two-year partnership agreement with Fair Dinkum Builds to help build and strengthen the Men’s Shed Community and its vital services to support mental health across Australia.

The announcement comes as part of Men’s Shed Week, 30 August to 5 September

“This major partnership is the first of its kind for AMSA. It celebrates a long history of collaborative efforts supporting the Australian Men’s Shed movement for our two organisations,” said Mr Helmers.

The partnership expands on over a decade of support. As part of the partnership, Fair Dinkum Builds will be major sponsors for the biennial National Men’s Shed Awards (2022), the AMSA’s National Men’s Shed Gathering (2022) and other initiatives such as the Men’s Shed ‘For Keeps’ tour.

“Our partnership is an obvious, natural fit. We’re both in the business of sheds. Importantly, we’re in the business of supporting locals and adding true value to people’s lives”, said Mark Cash, Fair Dinkum Builds National Distributor and Franchise Manager.

The AMSA network will benefit from the partnership, which comprises over 1200 Men’s, Women’s and Community Sheds across Australia. The partnership aims to drive awareness and sustainable growth of Men’s Sheds through community initiatives fostering positive wellbeing and social connectedness.

Both AMSA and Fair Dinkum Builds have emerged from humble beginnings to serve thousands of Australian communities with their drive to make things happen. Together, they aim to build on the grassroots focus of both AMSA and Fair Dinkum Builds to help strengthen Australian communities from the ground up.

About Fair Dinkum Builds

Fair Dinkum Builds (FDB) has a long history in the shed industry. From humble beginnings in rural Camden in 1990, NSW, the Fair Dinkum brand has become a national brand with an established network of distributors and franchises across Australia. In 2007, FDB joined the Stramit family, its biggest supplier and sister company. FDB operates under the premise that anything is possible, offering customers local customer service backed by the national powerhouse, Stramit.

Fair Dinkum Builds is widely acknowledged as a market leader and one of Australia’s most trusted shed and patio suppliers.