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2009 Hobart Conference

The 3rd National Men’s Shed Conference was hosted by the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association Inc. in conjunction with AMSA Inc. (Australian Men’s Sheds Association).

Following the unequaled success of the first two National Community Men’s Sheds conferences it is now becoming evident that Men’s Sheds are the fastest growing community development segment in Australia.  The first conference at Lakes Entrance introduced the early Sheds to each other whilst the Manly conference demonstrated the Shed movement to the whole outside community.  The theme for this conference was “Where to from Here”? with emphasis on Sustainability, Shed Management and the future direction for Sheds.

A major feature of Men’s Sheds is helping to improve men’s health and there was a special focus on this role of Sheds in relation to these issues.  National Men’s Health Ambassadors and a number of National Men’s Health groups explainined “Why Health organizations want to affiliate with Men’s Sheds” and what positive features they see in the Shed concept.

Having pioneered the concept, Australia is getting ready to export Community Men’s Sheds to the world and speakers from overseas explained the developments in their countries.  As with all of our Conferences there was plenty of time for Shedders to meet, chat, exchange ideas and renew friendships.

The Organisers aimed for the rich programme of keynote speakers, papers, workshops, debate and conversation would stimulate, inspire, encourage and energise all participants to become further involved in the ground breaking, joyful and constructive innovation of Men’s Sheds.

Ted Donnelly – President, AMSA Inc

John Waters – President, Tasmanian Men’s Shed Assoc.Inc


Monday 24th August, 2009

View Slides “AMSA Since Manly” David Helmers: AMSA Executive Officer (24 Aug – 9:55am)
View Slides “From Disability to Thatability” Darren Cunningham: Shire of Melton (24-Aug – 2:00pm)
View Slides “Auspicing – What’s it All About?”
View Slides “Benefits and Pitfalls of Mentoring”
View Slides “Australian Hearing – Why Health Groups are Interested in Sheds” Steve Kolotylo: Worksafe Victoria
View Slides “beyondblue Virtual Shed”
View Slides “Evaluation as a Tool for Sustainability”
View Slides “Shed Management Plan”
View Slides “Sheds for Training”
View Slides “Kooweerup Shed Provides Mental and Physical Help”
View Slides “Eastern Region Men’s Shed”

Tuesday 25th August, 2009

View Slides “Shed Development in Ireland” John Evoy
View Slides “The ChainBreakers Men’s Shed”
View Slides “An Irish Approach to Working With Men” Jon Evoy
View Slides “New Activities for Shedsn” Ted Donnelly: AMSA Secretary
View Slides “The Way Sheds Have Spread in Australia and Internationally” Professor Barry Golding: Senior Lecturer, University of Ballarat
View Slides “Moreton Bay Men’s Group” Fiona Wills
View Slides “All About Men’s Sheds” Ruth Van Herk
View Slides “Why Health Groups are Interested in Shedst” M5 Project