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AMSA Board announces a return to fee free membership

The Australian Men’s Shed Association Board have announced that membership fees will no longer be applied to AMSA Membership.

The move comes after extensive consultation with Men’s Sheds and stakeholders, and is a result of recent constitutional changes and continued Federal Government support for the organisation’s service delivery.

“The Board is very pleased AMSA has established a position from which there is no need for us to apply a membership fee for Men’s Sheds to join our organisation,” said AMSA Chairman Kevin Callinan.

Membership fees were introduced in 2013 at the request of the organisation’s affiliated state bodies to support their activities under a unified structure.

Membership criteria will still apply as a protection of the “Men’s Shed” brand and AMSA members will be required to continue compliance with this definition.

Current AMSA membership will roll over into the 2018 membership year and members have been contacted with information regarding their continued membership.

Mr Callinan is encouraging all Men’s Sheds to take the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of AMSA membership.

“Free membership provides Men’s Sheds with services and programs to enhance the shed environment,” said Mr Callinan.

The change removes financial barriers for eligible groups wishing to join the organisation, further strengthening AMSA as a collective voice for Australian shedders participating in the Men’s Shed movement from all the far corners of the country.

“Men’s Sheds can simply apply online to be part of our movement as we work with Men’s Sheds, governments and corporate, health and community partners to grow and develop the Men’s Shed movement for the benefit of Australian men,” said Mr Callinan.

Click here to complete a Membership Application Form or contact us at or on 1300 550 009 for more information.

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