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Framework for the Future – Governance Review

To all member Men’s Sheds,

For ten years the Australian Men’s Shed Association has supported the establishment of thousands of Men’s Sheds and Men’s Shed organisations worldwide. Now is an opportune time for our organisation to reflect on its role to further the Men’s Shed movement as it has grown and matured. This is also an opportune time to reassert our grassroots heritage and empower Men’s Sheds as independent entities with full voting membership of AMSA.

The Board has overall responsibility for the management of AMSA; endorsing strategic direction, monitoring organisation performance and ensuring that the organisation has effective structures and governance mechanisms in place to succeed.

In light of this, over time the AMSA Board has reviewed our direction, structure and organisation governance to ensure AMSA is positioned well in its purpose as a national peak body to support Men’s Sheds.

AMSA’s focus is on operations across our four key pillars “shed support, advocacy, men’s health and giving” to continue our current services, and grow in order to make a positive impact for the benefit, development and sustainability of Men’s Sheds in Australia—whilst always keeping grassroots Men’s Sheds and shedders in mind.

This includes considerations for a modernised short form constitution together with membership and voting rights, and Board composition and appointments. These are complimented with governing documentation that meets the five pillars of governance standards recommended by the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission.

We have also reviewed by-laws to ensure they are consistent, relevant, and support the achievement of AMSA’s mission to advance an effective Men’s Shed movement to strengthen communities, improve health and wellbeing outcomes for Australian men.

Below is a brief outline of our proposed constitutional changes to structure and governance mechanisms.

These changes have been designed in consultation, and with the aim of securing best practice governance standards – all with the intention to empower member Men’s Sheds in decision-making and enable AMSA to remain a truly unified national body.

It is our hope that you as AMSA members will support these changes.

We encourage you to meet with your members to discuss these changes, and welcome your written feedback by post or email ( by Friday 27 October (please include the name of your Men’s Shed in correspondence).

Following your feedback and our continued consultations, we will provide an update to all member Men’s Sheds.

Board of Directors
Australian Men’s Shed Association

Proposed Structure and Governance Changes Overview


  • A Board comprising of six (6) elected state-based directors (two (2) year terms) and up to five (5) board-appointed specialist directors (three (3) year terms).
  • Any AMSA member Men’s Shed that has been a financial member for more than 12 months will be eligible to nominate a member of that shed to stand for election to the AMSA Board.

Membership & voting eligibility

  • The recognition of any AMSA member Men’s Shed with a membership tenure of more than 12 months, as a voting member with rights to vote at all general meetings. Each eligible member Men’s Shed will be entitled to one (1) vote.
  • To enable incorporated state organisations, that satisfy membership criteria, to apply for AMSA membership. Any AMSA member state organisation with a membership tenure of more than 12 months will be recognised as a voting member with rights to vote at all general meetings. Each eligible member state organisation will be entitled to five (5) votes.


  • The Constitution and By-Laws make provision for the formation of committees to provide detailed advice to the AMSA Board on a range of issues relevant to the organisation.

Additional Documents & Information

  1. AMSA Governance Overview
  2. AMSA Corporate Governance Statement
  3. AMSA Board Charter
  4. Explanatory Memorandum – Summary of Proposed Draft Constitution and Consequential Governance
  5. Membership By-Laws 2017
  6. AMSA Proposed Constitution 2017
  7. AMSA National Membership Advisory Committee
  8. AMSA Board & Employee Code of Conduct