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AMSA Organisation Strategy 2017 – 2019

As many of you know, AMSA was founded in 2007 to provide support through the sharing of information to develop the Men’s Shed concept as a means of preventing social isolation amongst older Australian males. The success of AMSA over our ten years of operation is reflected in the growth of the Men’s Shed movement both in Australia and internationally.

Keeping pace with the growth of the movement has been a challenge. But we have risen to the task with enthusiasm to achieve our goals of promoting positive male health outcomes through providing places where men can contribute to their communities, and have a sense of belonging and meaningful purpose.

But the past few years have seen quite a bit of change in the Men’s Shed environment. The development of new Men’s Sheds has slowed and Men’s Sheds need a different kind of support. So last year the AMSA team sat down to ask ourselves the question: where to from here?

Bringing together information from members and stakeholders, data from our member surveys, the findings of our 2016 Siggins Miller evaluation and our aspirations for the organisation we worked on sharpening our vision for the future and developed our organisation strategy for 2017 – 2019.

Titled Framework for the Future, our strategic direction acknowledges the exponential growth of Men’s Sheds around the world and the arising needs of the Men’s Shed environment, to ensure we’re doing our absolute best to promote the Men’s Shed movement.

We revised our vision, mission and strategic goals to realign with our new environment with the aim to continue our current services and grow our offer to make a positive impact for the benefit, development and sustainability of Men’s Sheds in Australia, and beyond.

Our Framework for the Future is diverse and ambitious, with health and wellbeing as well as sustainability being key priorities for us we are positioning ourselves to support the needs of Men’s Sheds well into the future.

Click below to read our Framework for the Future.

David Helmers
Executive Officer