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  • The Shedder Men’s Health Week Edition – June 2017

The Shedder Men’s Health Week Edition – June 2017

Click here to read our special Men’s Health Week June edition of The Shedder.

Health by stealth no more

Hello Shedders,

June has been a busy month for shed world.

This week I’ve spent countless hours spreading the story of Men’s Sheds and men’s health on the air, and we’ve seen plenty in print about the health and wellbeing benefits coming out of sheds. I know plenty of you have also worked hard to ensure Men’s Sheds are actively promoting
positive health and wellbeing in your shed and your community.

In the early days, we used the phrase ‘health by stealth’ to describe the Men’s Shed approach to health and wellbeing. But these days men’s health and wellbeing is so at the forefront of social conversations and in sheds that it’s becoming one of the key things Men’s Sheds are known for!

Our Spanner in the Works? program has proven to be a great way to engage men with information about their health, and we’re really proud of the way the health check program has been embraced by you all.

Our 2017 Annual Men’s Shed Survey wrapped up last month. We had over 50 more sheds participated this year, in comparison to our last membership survey. A great response providing us with good information to work with—thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.

We’ve sent the responses off for independent analysis, and will be able to share what you told us in the coming months. We’re looking forward to learning about what we’re doing well, and we’re we can do better to serve the Men’s Shed movement.

In the meantime, we drew our two lucky winners of our survey participation prize – two packages to attend our Cabot’s 7th National Men’s Shed Conference.

Congratulations to Terrigal Community Men’s Shed and Men’s Shed Spring Hill, we look forward to seeing you—and plenty of other sheds—represented at our premier forum later this year.

This year we will be announcing the recipients of our National Men’s Shed Awards at the National Conference. We know there are some truly outstanding and unique activities and programs happening out there in shed world – so make sure you check the awards out and get nominating.

And, if you haven’t yet, make sure you take advantage of our group and early bird conference registration discounts before 1 August!

Executive Officer
Australian Men’s Shed Association