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  • Celebrating Men’s Shed Week 2017 at Parliament House

Celebrating Men’s Shed Week 2017 at Parliament House

This week we officially launched 2017 Men’s Shed Week in partnership with the Bipartisan Friendship Group of Men’s Sheds at Parliament House.

“Men’s Sheds aren’t just about building toys and fixing furniture; Men’s Sheds are building communities and fixing lives,” said Australian Men’s Shed Association Executive Officer David Helmers at the launch.

The second annual Men’s Shed Week, themed doing local good, will be celebrated from Monday 25 September to Sunday 1 October to showcase the work of Men’s Sheds in contributing to local communities.

“The benefits of Men’s Sheds extend well beyond the shed – activities at the shed support local people, groups and organisations and bring people together in ways that strengthen communities,” said Mr Helmers.

At the shed, men have the opportunity to find friendship, a sense of purpose and a place to belong and contribute. Many men live fuller and happier lives through their involvement with their shed—but it doesn’t stop there.

Shedders devote most of their time to worthwhile community endeavours. Delivering great benefits for the wider community through major projects, donating arts and crafts, participating in community events, and actively promoting men’s health and wellbeing.

“The Australian Men’s Shed Association has been at the forefront of Men’s Shed innovations for a decade, and in that time we have seen the Men’s Sheds flourish across the world,” said Mr Helmers.

The strength of the Men’s Shed concept is in its simplicity and adaptability to members’ and community needs.

“The foundation of a good shed is the great effort of a community to make it happen,” said Bipartisan Friendship Group of Men’s Sheds Chair the Hon Mark Coulton MP when he officially opened Men’s Shed Week.

“When it comes down to it, Men’s Sheds have become a vital investment because every community benefits when there’s a Men’s Shed in town,” said Mr Helmers.

Find out more about Men’s Shed Week here.

BELOW: John Macdonald (AMSA Patron), Kevin Callinan (AMSA Chair), Hon Luke Gosling MP, David Helmers (AMSA Executive Officer), Peter Hendry (AMSA Director), Matt Plumridge (AMSA)